If there’s one thing I’m good at – it’s taking things apart. I love putting products to the test. I’ve always felt pulled in two different directions. On on hand I can be very analytical and have a aptitude for sciences. On the other, I can gravitate towards wild creativity and all things art. For me the world of Beauty is where I feel these two pieces of who I am unite in this near perfect harmony.

I’m working on a ridiculous amount of content, and playing around with different blogs. My channel & blog are expected to officially debut on the first day of summer!

I’m the meantime. For all the Canadian Beauty who’ve been Glossied & Glymmed, these are some other options:

Click Image to be redirected to their site for all the info. [Some contain a referral link. Note: to remove my referral, open the link then erase everything after .com/ca and hit enter. The choice is yours. Don’t feel obliged to ever use anyone’s referral links, especially if they’re not upfront about it & don’t offer alternatives. I may get a point for anyone who signs up using my personalized link.]

ipsyJulep MavenWantableTopBox Loosebutton Luxebox BB5


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