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Forget that. I’m just going to get through it. If there’s one thing I’m good at it’s taking things apart. I Love putting products to the test. This is my lab, here you’ll have access to all my conclusion, trials in progress, and the likes. These opinions are all my own, and I’d rather cut off my own fingers then ever sell out. Unless otherwise stated, everything was purchased with my own money. If not (for some crazy reason someone gives me something for free), I will let you know, LOUD and CLEAR. But trust me, those wont be subject to any special treatment.

I’ve been led astray by bad review, and wasted tons of money in the process. I never ever want to cause someone that kind of disappointing. I love shopping, but these days money’s tight, so I always do my research. I just wanted to put out my own little opinion out into the big wide world, and hopefully get to help at least one person along the way.


Side Note: If you see an add under this, I’m so sorry. Don’t click it. The second I decide if I want to keep this blog here (vs moving it elsewhere), I’ll upgrade my account & make them disappear.